Who done it?!

November 3, 2017

To kick off our ‘Fire Fire!’ topic, we travelled back in time and  became detectives in a quest to find out who was really to blame for the Great Fire of London…

Was it the rather guilty looking baker, Thomas Farriner? A foreign suspect? King Charles II?! Under the stern direction of Samuel Pepys (stage left), the children asked the baker and maid some excellent questions to determine what exactly happened on the night the fire started…

In Maths we have been largely focusing on shape, sorting 3D shapes onto a ‘Carroll Diagram’ according to their properties.

In English, we helped a little mouse to overcome his many fears…

We thought of some solutions to help him be brave. Because of this, he finally plucked up the courage to go on a big adventure! We wrote our own adventure stories describing what happened when he did…


Review spelling rule for adding the suffix ‘er’.

  • What do you have to do with words ending in e? (large).
  • How about words with long vowel sounds (green) and short vowel sounds (big)?
  • What about words ending in ‘y’ (happy)?

Can you explain it to a family member?


Can you go on a 3D shape hunt this weekend and create your own Carroll diagram?

Coming up next week…

  • We will be securing our understanding of place value in Maths
  • In English we will be delving further into the guilty conscience of Thomas Farriner…
  • In RE we will be learning what Christians believe about Jesus and in PSHE we will continue exploring the word ‘stereotype’, learning how we can celebrate the uniqueness in us all
  • We will also be travelling back in time again to explore what houses were like in 17th century London and make comparisons with our houses today.

Lots of fun to come.

Well done everyone for a fantastic first week back. We are so proud of you! Happy weekend.