What a great week!

December 13, 2019

Our learning this week:

This week has been amazing! The children have developed their performance skills and confidence in front of others. They have amazed us all with their fantastic acting, reading and singing during our three Nativity productions.

In topic this week we have explored the properties of a range of different everyday materials. The children developed their own ideas and manipulated materials to construct strong and robust bridges capable of carrying the weight of a number of rather small but fast cars.

I know the answer because…

In Maths this week we have all been developing our reasoning skills, solving some rather tricky addition and subtraction questions along the way.
To help us with our learning we have been developing our understanding of number lines and the column method of addition focusing on regrouping number into tens and ones.

Maths worksheets

Ow no! There’s a Sabre Tooth Tiger! 

Well, where do I start? This weeks English has been very exciting and has got us all thinking. Our task this week has been to develop some useful instructions that can help a stranger catch the terrifying saber tooth tiger that is causing havoc. He even wants to eat our woolly mammoth friend.

We created great introductions to our instructions and then some short but useful steps incorporating language such as rhetorical questions and first, next, then, finally etc.

Information for next week

In Year 2 next week we will be having a games morning to relax after all of our hard work this term. The children can bring in a board game of their choice if they would like Friday morning.

Forest School dates and times

Robin class – Tuesday afternoon
Skylarks – Thursday afternoon
Swifts – Friday afternoon

Please can any parents that would like to volunteer get in touch via enquiries.

Have a great weekend!

Year 2 team