Wednesday: Masters of money and zoos…

March 25, 2020

Good morning Year 2! We hope that you are beginning to get into the swing of things with your online learning! Take a look below at all the learning ahead…

Phonics: Click here for your daily spelling practice: Phonics

Story Time: Click the link to see our Bug Club pick of the day all about a man and his faithful animal followers … Reading

Maths: We will be practicing finding the same amounts of money using different coins. Take a look at our YouTube lesson, then download this link: Maths

English: We will be using coordination (and, but, or) to join two parts of a sentence. Here is a picture for you to use in your writing.







Topic: There has been outrage in the Sumatran Tigers enclosure! Somebody has tried to feed him the elephants (herbivore) food. He is not impressed and rather hungry. Your challenge for today is to make sure that each animal has enough of the right food. When the zoo is open you can pay for this using the money from visitors.

Follow this link to find out more – Topic zoo




Have a wonderful day.

Year 2 team