WB: 8th June 2020 ‘Grouping equal amounts and understanding our emotions’

June 5, 2020

Dear Children and Families,

Please note the online learning resources will look slightly different for the rest of this term.

A suggested timetable for learning is outlined below, video links for Maths and English learning will be uploaded to the weekly blog below and private YouTube topic/well-being videos will continue to be emailed via enquiries for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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Reading challenge (blog) Spelling challenge (blog) Reading challenge (blog) Reading challenge (blog) Your Class Teacher:  video (email)
PSHE / Cross curricular video (email)  PSHE / Cross curricular video (email)

Important: To keep your child safe online please follow the link for the most current age appropriate guidance and support materials.

Support activities and guidance   

activities 5-7

This week you learning materials are taken from various sources including: NCETM, Oak Academy and UCPS.



  • English & Reading: In this lesson, we will continue to make inferences from Chapter One of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We will be reading pages 9-16. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • English Video link:The-firework-makers-daughter-to-make-inferences 2
  • MathsVideo link: Practice with grouping equal and unequal amounts Today your challenge is to solve problems related to equal groupings. Explore the NRich challenge by clicking on the following link Maths Nrich challenge
  • Spelling: This week’s spelling challenge is to add ly, can you click on the link to find the practice words, there is also a fun word search. Can you find all the words? Spelling challenge ly
  • Topic: We have probably all felt different feelings and emotions over the last couple of months. Today we will be exploring some of these emotions with Mrs Sharman. Watch the two videos that have been sent to you and then you can complete these activities if you would like: Emotion roller coaster   Exploring Emotions 1



  • English: In this lesson, we will be learning how to identify and use expanded noun phrases. This will help us with our writing in Lesson 5. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • English Video link: To-identify-and-use-expanded-noun-phrases
  • MathsVideo link: Consider equal groupings  Follow the link to find your practice paper Practice paper
  • Reading: The Moon Tales reading challenge for today Reading comprehension challenge    
  • Well-being: Please wait for the school email link to gain access to the YouTube link for a Gardening topic video. The topic this week is saving water and the activity is making a water gauge. We talk through how to do it in the video!



National Bike Week 6-14th June 

Cycling has been a great release for many families during the pandemic and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy cycling with the family and celebrate by taking part in the Bike Week festivities this week. It’s your chance to celebrate all that’s great about cycling! The latest Government rules say although we have to maintain our social distancing and be at home where we can, unlimited exercise is now permitted. To help keep families active during this time Cambridgeshire Road Safety Officers are promoting Cycling UK’s free Bike Week resource pack with indoor and outdoor activities you can do as a family. From cooking to colouring, to bike challenges, it’s got it all!

Bike Week Activities for Families

The link is also here: https://www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek/activities-for-families