WB: 15th June 2020 ‘Refugee awareness week and thinking deeper about multiplication’

June 12, 2020

Welcome to the Key Stage 1 Learning blog for this week with special focus on ‘Refugee Week’

Monday 15th June sees the beginning of Refugee Week 2020. However, to start the virtual festival off, Anglia Ruskin University has paired with Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary to create a Day of Welcome on Friday 12th June 2020.

The Day of Welcome offers remote learning resources and suggested activities to help children learn about refugee migration and show solidarity with displaced people.

This year’s resources are inspired by the stories of Basque Child refugees who sought sanctuary from the Spanish Civil War in the East of England in 1937. One of the learning resources is a virtual ‘school trip’ to a new online exhibition, which you can visit here:

Virtual School Trip from Havens East All Day of Welcome resources are free and available to download here.

This week your learning materials are taken from various sources including: NCETM, Oak Academy and UCPS.


  • English & Reading: In this lesson, we are going to be finding the meaning of words from Chapter Two of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We will be reading pages 25-30. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • English Video link: English video link meaning of words
  • Maths: Today you will explore writing repeating addition equations using + = symbols, can you bring a pen and paper with you and watch this video, you can complete the challenges they set you throughout the video. Click here for the video:The use of a repeated addition expression to represent equal groups    Click here to access a follow up recording task: Maths practice paper 1


  • English & Reading:In this lesson, we are going to be making inferences from Chapter Two of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We will be reading pages 30-33. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil
  • English Video link:English video – Inference questions 
  • Maths: Watch the video and then click on the maths practice paper created for you to show your understanding for multiplication. Maths practice paper 2Video link: See a repeated addition expression first and then make groups to match
  • Spelling: This week’s spelling challenge is to explore the prefixes and suffixes that we add to words. Play along with the ‘Small Town Super Hero’s’ and help Ernie to write new labels at ‘At the market’. The fruit signs have washed away and he needs your help to add the correct suffix or prefix. Follow the link to play the online game, once you have played the game can you complete the written challenge by clicking on the spelling challenge BBC spelling game
  • Topic: This week we will reflect on questions such as ‘where is home?’ ‘How is the meaning of the word home different from the meaning of the word house?’  We will explore this deeper reflective work through a short film called ‘Baboon on the Moon’. Please wait to receive the email to access the video link from Ms Bates. The follow up activities to the videos can be found here:Is the baboon in a home





Fun songs and dance moves to support spelling in KS1 from the BBC!