Tuesday: Masters of money and zoos…

March 24, 2020

Hello Year 2! Welcome back. We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning and are ready for another day!

For phonics today, we are continuing our learning on common exception words. Take a look: Phonics

Story Time:  Read all about zoos today by clicking the link: Reading

Maths: Take a look at this link for some money questions and an investigation! Journal your thoughts for the investigation in your home learning book. Maths

English: Today we are using subordination to join two sentences together. Take a look at our YouTube link for our daily lesson.

Topic: Today you will be architects and start to design the layout of your zoo.

Follow this link to find out more: Topic

This is what we have created at home but you can show your ideas in any way that you would like! Remember this is a zoo for animals,;it must help us care for and protect them.

We hope that you enjoy these activities!

Before you go, some top tips for children and parents for online learning:

See you tomorrow!

Year 2 team