Traction Man!

September 25, 2020

Year 2 have had a fantastic week. This week the children have loved exploring our topic Heroes in more depth and have been sharing their new learning with the class!

In English, we have been reading and exploring Traction Man. Pupils have been applying their new knowledge of commas to write setting descriptions and openings for their stories. We have done lots of drama to help generate ideas! 

In Topic, we have been using the visit from the Paramedic last week as inspiration for our learning. We have also explored why different people have different heroes.

In Maths, we have been consolidating the work on place value and have begun to explore ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’.

In Art, we have started making our own models of our faces, inspired by Roman Statues. We will be continuing these for the next few weeks!

We have also been exploring Bible stories related to kindness in RE.

Attached are some sheets based on this week learning for your child to try if they wish. Setting description , place value , Greater than and less than snakes


Next Week

In Topic, we will continue to explore different real life heroes and will focus on different heroes in History.

Following the success of Traction Man, next week will continue with the sequel, Traction Man and Turbo Dog. We will be working towards writing our own stories inspired by the Traction Man books.

Finally, in Maths, we will be looking at partitioning numbers using a variety of resources.

Please can all children remember to bring in a family photo if they have not already done so. The display boards are looking great!

Thank you for all your support and positivity this week!