Thursday: Masters of money and zoos…

March 25, 2020

Happy Thursday everyone! We hope that you have been able to spend some time this week enjoying this gorgeous sunshine! Take a look below for links to your learning for the day…

Today in Maths we are learning about giving change. Click link for activities…Maths

You are doing such a great job practicing our Year 2 tricky words this week! Here are your new set of words: Phonics

Story Time: Today for story time we are giving you a story without words. When a pigeon gets trapped inside a spies briefcase all kinds of  mayhem ensue…

Open up the link and click on the picture to take you to the story…Reading 1

(By the way, apologies to those of you who couldn’t access the Bug Club book in yesterday’s reading link. Our mistake!)

English: We are applying the skills we have learnt this week in a piece of writing about the Land Where The Bong Tree Grows.

Topic: Its getting close to the OPENING DAY!!! The animals are happy and the enclosures are all set BUT we’ve forgotten something! How will people know about Friday’s opening? Can you produce a newspaper article, TV advertisement or radio clip to advertise the opening of your zoo. You must try and get as many paying visitors as possible! Follow this link to find out more : Topic

Well done Year 2 for all of your SUPER learning this week. You have nearly made it through one whole week! Keep it up!

Year 2 Team