The Little Boat with BIG Dreams

October 18, 2019

Thank you to all of the families that joined us for Family Friday this morning, there was a lovely atmosphere where children and their families celebrated the super learning we have been doing this half term.

We have been very busy this week, we have been writing our own adventure stories based on the wordless story of Little Boat. We thought about making our stories exciting from the beginning, all the way to the end. We had to decide whether we wanted a happy ending or a cliffhanger for the Little Boat. Our teachers have been VERY impressed with the way we rose to this challenge and the way we are applying our new knowledge of common exception words and spelling rules.

In Maths we have been thinking about the place value of teen numbers and other two digit numbers. We investigated different ways of making 17 using Numicon, Cuisenaire rods, arrow cards and tens frames. We have also been exploring the partitioning of 2 digit numbers- we now know that 21 can be 21 ones, 2 tens and 1 one and also 1 ten and 11 ones. For practice sheets please click here: Maths Sheets Place Value

In our Topic learning, we have been reviewing what we learnt about Christopher Columbus. We were able to recall many key facts about his life and we decided whether we think he was a hero or a villain.

After Half Term

  • We are very excited to launch our new topic (Fire! Fire!)- we will be particularly focusing on the Great Fire of London.
  • English: we will be writing recounts and focusing on using time connectives (next, then, after that).
  • Phonics: writing verbs in the past tense, common exception words- because, people, everybody.
  • Maths: place value


Thank you to all the children (and their families) in Robins, Skylarks and Swifts for a fabulous first half term. We hope you have a lovely half term break,

The Year Two Team.