Thomas Farriner, Secrets and Lies

November 9, 2017

This week, police officers came to interview Thomas Farriner. He pleaded his innocence and suspiciously claimed it was foreigners that had started the Great Fire.

The bakery somehow kept on baking…

And selling their irresistibly freshly baked goods…

Others tried to re-build the great city of London; one house at a time…

In maths, we solved problems that made us think about the place value of 2-digit numbers. Can you explain what the digits in a number represent to someone at home? Have a go these place value practice sheets and nasty or nice game: “In 36, the 3 represents 3 tens, which is equal to 30; the 6 represent 6 ones, which is equal to 6.”

It was great to welcome our tennis coaches with whom we will sessions with over the next month. Do you remember how throwing the ball by holding the cones helped you with your forehand and backhand? Have you got a racket around the house you can practice with?


Next week

  • Rehearsing and performing our poems with Lauren in LAMDA
  • More cooking, programming, bridge building and playful enquiry
  • More Invasion Games in PE
  • Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

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