The Dark Side

November 6, 2020

Well done Year Two for another FANTASTIC week! You have really impressed us with your hard work, positive attitudes and wonderful learning throughout this week.

We have launched our new topic ‘The Dark Side’ and I know the children are excited about all the learning that will be coming up over the half term.

In English we have been making sure that all our sentences are correctly punctuated. We have also been writing compound sentences using the conjunctions ‘but’ and ‘or’. We have listened to ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snickett and became book detectives as we made predictions of not only what would happen in the book but also which genre of fiction it may fall under.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 10s from any 2-digit number. Ask your children why the ones digit doesn’t change when we add 10s- they certainly impressed us with their reasoning!

Next week

English- we will step into picture of a star lit woodland and write our own stories. We will challenge ourselves to add rich descriptions that create vivid images.

Maths- we will continue to investigate adding/subtracting 10s from 2-digit numbers. We will try to solve words problems using this skill.

Topic- we will be exploring the materials that different objects are made of. We will also be investigating the properties of natural and made made materials.

Thank you once again Year Two for your wonderful work this week!