Special BLOG: Keep your child safe online

February 18, 2018

This is a special BLOG to give you guidance about how to keep your child safe online.

The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe?

It’s important to be aware of technology, toys and internet safety. That’s because over the next few years, millions of objects will be connected to the internet. You might have already bought an internet-connected gift for your child, so it’s important to be aware of the potential risks.

Internet of Things examples include:

  • smart speakers, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo
  • wearables, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch
  • smart meters measuring household energy consumption.

Talk to someone about online safety

Whether you want to set up parental controls, adjust privacy settings or get advice on social networks, experts from the free O2 & NSPCC helpline are here to help.

0808 800 5002

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