Shakespeare, Potions and the Masked Ball

February 8, 2018

The Montagues and Capulets were arguing again this week, with their fury and resentment on full show…

At the Capulets residence, the masked ball was going so well…

“The chandeliers glistened wonderfully. The people smiled as they danced on the patterned floor. Different coloured ballgowns swirled before the seated guests’ eyes…” (P)

Until… well you can probably guess. Yes, more fighting…

Friar Laurence instructed us to make a special potion for Juliet Capulet. We were told it had to be accurate – very accurate, so that it would put her to sleep, but not kill her.

We checked that it all added up precisely to go in the 100ml bottle.

And a spell to add some magic…

As well as measuring liquids, we learned how to accurately measure using a ruler this week. And we had a go at an arithmetic and reasoning maths assessment to see what we need to learn more about (we will start learning fractions next half term).

Forest School

After half-term Year 2 begin forest school. They will be able to take part in a range of activities which will involve getting wet, muddy and generally having a good time whilst at the same time experiencing learning in the outdoors.

Ms Nash will lead presentation about forest school and the types of activities that Year 2will take part in, as well as what a typical forest school session looks like. This presentation will take place at 3.30 on Monday 19th February in Skylarks’ classroom.

To enhance their enjoyment, the children will need layers of clothes to keep them warm (it does get cold in February and March if you are outside for 2 hours), some suggestions are made below:

Upper Body                                                                                   

  • Base layer e.g. thermal vest or T Shirt
  • Middle Layer e.g. long sleeved T shirt or thick shirt
  • Top Layer e.g. long sleeved jumper or fleece
  • Waterproof Layer e.g. Ski Jacket or warm andaterproof coat

Lower Body

  • Tights under trousers (no skirts or dresses) or leggings if it is cold with salopettes or warm water proof trousers on top
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Ski boots or wellies
  • Plus warm waterproof hats and gloves.
  • Everything should be clearly named.