Sail Away

October 10, 2019

In Year 2 our key text for the week was ‘The Journey’ by Neil Griffiths about a little boat who broke free and sailed away on an adventure (not to be mistaken with ‘Journey’ that we read a couple of weeks ago!) We mapped the story onto a ‘story mountain’, acting out different parts of the story…

We then used the text to help us learn all about verbs…

In Phonics, we learned about ‘vowels’ and ‘consonants’ which helped us apply our spelling rules for adding the suffixes -ing and -ed to words. We learned that if the root word has a short vowel sound before the last letter, you double the last letter before adding -ing or -ed..

e.g. clap > clapping, clapped

hop > hopping, hopped

If the root word has a long vowel sound before the last letter or if there is a consonant before the last letter, you just add -ing or -ed

e.g. peer > peering, peered

talk  > talking, talked

In Maths, we have been practicing regrouping numbers to target 10, helping us to work out equations more efficiently. See practice sheets here: W5 Maths re-grouping 10

In PSHE, we revisited and reflected on our golden agreements: respect, trust, courage, empathy and gratitude and in PE we practiced throwing with increasing accuracy and control.

In Topic we learned about the five major oceans of the world: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic and in RE we reflected on how kindness was shown in two bible stories: The Good Samaritan and The Paralyzed Man.

Next week:

  • Family Friday! Come and celebrate all of the super learning that has taken place over the last half term. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Maths: Place value
  • English: Writing our own adventure stories
  • Topic: Reflecting on the life of Christopher Columbus
  • For our next topic after half term, ‘Fire, Fire’, please could each child bring in a cardboard box over the next week where we will be recreating Pudding Lane!

Happy weekend everyone!