Rise of the Robots

May 11, 2018

We had two very special robot expert guests this week… Mr Monti, who works on the Amazon Alexa team, who came to teach us some of the inner workings of robots, and then Mr Fletcher from Cambridge Consultants, who visited us to share a rather amazing drone that he’s made:

We also built on our coding learning to start to programme our brand new Sphero Robots to play skittles

On Friday, we celebrated the many wonderful religions that we are enriched to have in our school community and made prayers of our own. We’d like to say a special thank you to all our parent helpers who come to support us with our learning and bring such enthusiasm and expertise with them; we are very grateful to you.


Year 2 Tricky Words. Use Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check to make sure you have mastered them all.

We have started building our own dictionaries in class. When you are reading, see what words and phrases you can magpie and use in your own writing.

Next Week

  • Reviewing our Year 2 learning goals in Maths [challenge of the week]
  • Instructing a brave Sphero bot on a fantasy quest
  • Cricket Session
  • Playful Enquiry: Sphero Programming and Learning Street


NSPCC supportive guidance leaflet: Positive Parenting