Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

October 20, 2017

We loved showing our learning to all the Swifts and Skylarks parents on this last day of the first half-term. We’ve come so far already…

To wrap up our learning on our Adventurers Topic, this week we had a group quiz to review and reflect on what we have learned.

We enjoyed observing closely and sketching in our art books. Can you guess what we are drawing?

In maths too, we looked back at what we have learned so far this year. Have another go and practice any questions you find tricky. We also cracked this tricky doubles investigation, and  learned adding and subtracting tens: can you explain to someone at home how you solve them – ‘If I know 4 + 5 = 9, I also know 40 + 50 = 90″.

Well done Year 2 for all your courageous learning these first seven weeks – we’ll see you back on Tuesday 31st October. Have a wonderful break and time with your families, enjoy snuggling with lots of books and why not write an amazing adventure story using what you’ve learned to share with the class for after the holiday?

Reviewing learning this term

Next half-term we will start our new topic: Fire with a curriculum spotlight on History and Science. (Sshh…! secret preparations under way…).