Quests to Fantastical Lands…

May 4, 2018

We have had a wonderful time this week immersing ourselves in fantasy worlds.

We created quests to magical lands…

…and have begun to write our fantasy stories, introducing our protagonist and describing their discovery of a portal and the land that lies behind. Look at this golden introduction…

We have enjoyed our playful enquiry sessions and with a bit of team work some of us even managed to make a FM radio electric circuit!

In RE we enjoyed learning about the covenant God made with Noah through an active story telling session…




What a fun week!

Maths Review

W3 Maths Money

Spelling Challenges

We have been learning to use exciting adverbs ending in -ly. Play ‘adverb tennis’ with your family. How many exciting adverbs can you bounce back and forth in one minute?

Next week…

  • Two special mystery visitors…
  • Diversity Day on 11th May where we will be learning about different religions
  • Finishing our fantasy stories
  • PE on Tuesday and Thursday
Safeguarding: E-Safety
We begin all Computing lessons at our school with a focus on E-Safety, and check-in with children’s experiences of using the internet, apps and games. It has become apparent that some of our older children are aware of and discussing the popular game Fortnite.
Please see the news article below explaining the e-safety issues for why Fortnite (age rating of 12+) presents a risk in its content, voice and text chat functions and so is not appropriate for primary-aged children.

In light of emerging concerns about the risks children could be exposed to, we are urging parents to be aware of Fortnite’s features,” 

Ms Randall (NSPCC) said it was “vital” that parents talked to their children about the games they played and how they could avoid harm. 

The NSPCC said parents should:

  • let children know they could talk to them if upset or worried by anything they had seen online
  • familiarise themselves with what their children did online and understand why they liked particular apps or games
  • agree family rules on how to use apps, sites and games
  • use privacy settings and parental controls to keep children safe


Enjoy the sunshine and the extra long weekend! See you all on Tuesday!