Sixties Art, Mysterious Creatures and Keeping Safe Online

January 25, 2018

As part of our art and design learning, we have been stitching some sixties artwork with Mrs Stanley:

Another rather amazing sixties artefact landed this week – a personal letter from John F. Kennedy to a family member of one of our year 2 pupils..!

To learn about how to write non-chronological reports in English, we decided to make up some magical creatures with amazing super-powers…

 In computing this week, we discussed how we love playing games on our computers and tablets, but to never give our personal information to others while online. We also talked about how important it was to tell an adult if we felt something was not quite right when we were online.

Our programming skills are coming on well…

And so is our confidence with multiplication and division. This week, we learned about the special relationship between the two and that division becomes quite straight forward when we use multiplication to help us work it out. Here are some questions to practice with: Division as the inverse of multiplication3 x table. Remember, in year 2, we need to know our 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables well so keep practising as needed.

Spelling Focus

Next Week

  • A special rocket science week! We will be having a special timetable to do lots of amazing experiments that can help us learn lots of Science and English.
  • REQUEST: Please could you bring in one or more plastic bottles (milk, water, drink bottles etc. of any size) for Monday. With thanks in advance.

Shakespeare Week

  • From Monday 5th February, we will have a special whole-school Shakespeare Week.
  • On Friday 9th February, please dress up as if you are going to a masked ball. To do this, you could design your own mask and wear your smartest clothes.