Monday: Masters of money and zoos…

March 23, 2020

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual education…a place where you can stay on top of all of your learning in the comfort of your own home!

Keep an eye out on this blog because everyday we will be uploading all sorts of exciting things to help you keep working out those brilliant brains of yours.

Do also make sure you keep accessing our school YouTube account where we will be uploading daily English and Maths lessons for you.

Phonics: This week we are looking at our Year 2 common exceptions (tricky) words. Each day we will give you a list of different common exception words to practice. Test yourself by looking at the word, saying it out loud, covering it and then writing it three times. Then using these words, write some silly sentences using as many of these words as you can. Click on the link for today’s activity: Phonics

Story Time: Every day we will be giving you a link to a story all about animals. Click on this link for today’s story: Reading

Maths: This week we will be learning about money. Watch our lesson on YouTube and then take a look at these two links for further activities:

English: Today’s online adventure will be exploring commas in lists and expanded noun phrases. You must go on your very own treasure hunt and use your imagination! Have fun Year 2!

Topic: For your Topic learning over the next week or two, you will be designing your very own zoo!  Each day we will give you a different task or activity to help you bring your ideas together.

Today you must think BIG! Anything is possible as you create your own new and improved design for an ethical zoo! Follow these instructions every day and by the end of the week you will be ready to propose your ideas to the investors!

Step one: First, think carefully about what animals will be kept in your zoo. What species most need our help? What species do we need to know more about to protect? Then, create your own information poster to be displayed on the enclosure wall. This must tell the public all about your selected animals. Read the instructions to find out more! Topic – Monday

Sumatran elephant -information posterThis is what we have created at home but you can design your poster/information display however you would like! You could make a booklet, or a design on your computer, or even a labelled life size animal shape cut out!

Oh…one more thing before you go, here’s a little letter from Dr Biddulph to you…Letter from Dr Biddulph

Have a wonderful day!

From the Year 2 team