Magnificent Materials

November 13, 2020

Well done Year Two for another AMAZING week of creative learning!

We have been learning more about our Topic ‘Light and Dark’ by exploring a variety or natural and man-made materials. The children enjoyed sorting the materials into different groups and then printing them onto paper to create a pattern.

In English we have been building a word bank of interesting adjectives and used them to write a poem about a wild animal. We got a chance to share these with the class. We were SUPER proud of each other! Here are some poetry based activities for you to do at home Roar , Bonfire night poetry – children to use interesting adjectives and verbs.

In Maths we have been adding 2 digit numbers without regrouping. We have been using dienes to help us and also started to look at using the column method. Here is a missing number activity Missing numbers .

In PE we have been working on our balance by learning different ways to jump and land.

Next week

English- We are looking at the book ‘The Dark’ and writing structured poems using personification and adverbs.

Maths- we will continue to investigate adding 2 digit numbers without regrouping.

Topic- we will be adopting a tree to help us explore the different seasons.

Thank you once again Year Two for your wonderful work this week!