Love and Happiness

January 11, 2018

What’s in happiness? What makes us joyful? We think these are important things to know. We put these treasured things in our jars and then used them to help us write poems.

An amazing picture appeared this week of one of our year 2’s grandfather reading the newspaper the day after the first moon landing.

We learned more by taking the Space Race quiz using our iPads, scanning the QR codes and our reading and talking skills to find out lots of new knowledge.



In computing, we started to learn how to make simple algorithms by creating a dialogue between the dog in our new focus text and a very bossy cat. Perhaps you could ask your parents if you could use Scratch Jr at home to practice.

In maths, we went deep into the 2x and 5x tables with tricky questions like 5 + 5 + 5 + 10 = 5 x ? and 2 x 7 – 6 = 2 x ? Here are some multiplication 2 x tables5x tables, 2x 5x tables practice sheets. Can you explain using the maths words multiplicand, multiplier and product?


Words like jog, judge, gel and giant all have the ‘j’ sound at the beginning, but what is the rule? Can you explain to someone at home and see how many ‘j/g’ words you can find in your reading this week.

Next Week

  • New focus text: Alexander the Great Dane, which will help us think about some big questions
  • Division by sharing and grouping in Maths
  • More playful enquiry: computing, performance, information-gathering, singing and sewing.
  • Exploring colour in Art