Lost and Found

October 6, 2017

This week, we met one of our Year 2 learning goals of navigating using simple compass directions. We made huge chalk maps outside and directed our friends on adventures across wild seas:

Image result for columbus map of voyages

We continued to enquire playfully into our topic Adventurers and Explorers. We had a chance to be in a group we hadn’t before, like coin making.

Another adventure came in our focus book Lost and Found, which helped us to learn about exclamation marks..

In Maths, we learned to ‘make 10’ when adding numbers that go over the 10 – it was really tricky but we’re getting there. Here are some practice  re-grouping 10 sheets to help you crack it!


Next week

  • We will have a special book week with a new mystery text that has no words but a mind-tangling story in it.
  • Mastering our addition and subtraction skills
  • Delving deeper into the life of Columbus

Snuggle with a Story (2:50 outside the library)

Skylarks: Tuesday 10th October

Swifts: Wednesday 11th October


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