A Journey into Magic Lands

September 22, 2017

Inspired by ‘The Journey’ we created our own magical worlds to help us learn how to write captions.

We enjoyed an afternoon of playful learning based on our Adventurers and Explorers topic. We used our map skills to explore lands afar…

…constructed unsinkable boats…

… and other exciting learning like designing unbelievably realistic coins and re-enacting the life of a sailor on Columbus’ ship.

Maths Challenge this week: 

Number facts to 8 Practise Sheets


Have you mastered your ‘tion’ words yet?

Year 2 Tricky Words (please put on your fridge)

Curriculum Evening Information

Curriculum Information Presentation

Snuggle with a Story (2:50 outside the school library)

Skylarks Tuesday 10th October 2017

Swifts Wednesday 11th October 2017

Next Week

  • LAMDA on Monday (get your voices and eye contact ready!)
  • Free Verse Poetry and a book called….Quiet!
  • Mastering our number facts to 10
  • Our second playful learning session
  • Bible stories that show kindness in our learning about Religions