Islam, Empathy, Archery, Our Bodies, Algebra… Busy week!

July 13, 2018

A huge thank you to our Year 2 parent who came to teach us lots of rich knowledge about the Islamic faith. It was fascinating to hear new facts that built on what we have been learning about in class:

We’ve been having our special PSHE week and talking lots about whether there actually are ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ things?  What are the differences between boys and girls? We’ve learned to name all the parts of the body (with a little giggle on the way!).

This week we wrote with empathy to a girl in a story we’re reading about who had left her home behind and moved country to a new place.

In PE, we got to try Archery… it was very fun!

Our stances, grips and pulling power are already improving…

In maths, we made some interesting connections:

Lastly, a sincere thanks to all our parents for coming today to celebrate the truly brilliant learning effort the Year 2 children have put into this year. We are very proud.

Next Week

  • Monday 16th July: KS1 Visit to Thetford Forest (parent helpers, please meet in the Seminar Room at 8am.
  • Thursday 19th July: Jump up day. Meet the new teacher for 2018/19. Exciting.. (>_<)/!


Please see below for a parental guide to Minecraft – the risks and staying safe.

Children told the NSPCC that their top concerns when playing Minecraft are:

    • bullying
    • talking to strangers
    • hacking
    • downloading viruses.

They may also come across inappropriate content like violent or sexual language and images.

To help keep children safe on Minecraft, make sure:

    • you know where they’re playing
    • they’re using appropriate safety settings
    • you talk to them about what to do if they see anything upsetting

Different modes

In Minecraft, when you start a new game there are 3 main modes: Creative, Adventure and Survival.

Players can do anything, monsters can’t attack them and it’s impossible for your character to die. This is the safest mode and is great for younger players to get used to the game before they move on to the other levels.

Players can’t break any blocks, but can kill monsters and animals, or be killed by monsters.

Players must survive against monsters and hunger. But the monsters can be turned off by pressing escape, going into settings and turning the difficulty to ‘peaceful’.

Singleplayer vs Multiplayer 

Minecraft has 2 main player options:

Single player:
No one can join the player’s game and no one can contact you through the Minecraft chat.

Players can join any game they want, public or private. Players can also see, speak and interact with others, whether they are friends or strangers. Children can play together with friends in the same location or room if they are all sharing the same internet connection (LAN).

Read more at: