Friday: Masters of money and zoos…

March 26, 2020

HAPPY FRIDAY! Well done everyone – you have made it to the end of your first week of online learning! We know it’s been a bit of a different week but we are so proud of you and all that you’ve achieved already.

Phonics: Well done for all of your hard work practicing our common exception words. You have nearly completed all of the words! Click the link for the last set. Phonics Remember, keep practicing our Year 2 tricky words at home over the next few weeks…practice makes perfect!

Story: Well, it’s Friday so at the end of a long week, we’d like you to enjoy a story of your own. Pick a book at home or choose one from Bug Club. Snuggle up inside or enjoy some sunshine if you can and transport yourself to another world…

Maths: Well done for all of your super learning this week on money. Enjoy setting up shop today…oh and here are some more activities to keep you occupied…Maths

English: Free write Friday! Take a look at Miss Lang’s YouTube video for inspiration…

Topic: Today is the day you have all been waiting for! It is the grand opening of your zoo. Will it be a success? That is down to you. Today you must become the most knowledgeable, fun and enthusiastic tour guides there has ever been! Come prepared with amazing fun facts, shocking truths and a passion for the protection of these amazing animals. Follow this link to find out more:Topic

That’s all for this week. We hope that you and all of your lovely families enjoy your weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you next week where we will be sending you 3 more days of learning fun before the holidays.

Happy weekend!

Year 2 team