Fantasy Stories, Coding and The Promise

April 26, 2018

It looked like an ordinary tunnel. But when we entered the magic portal…

A fantastical world appeared before us…

You wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw what was inside…


In RE this week, we read The Promise by Nicola Davies. A promise is made that changes the life of someone who has made mistakes before in their life. It is based on a real story.

Image result for promise nicola davies

On reading the story, one Year 2 suggested:

“Even though there’s something missing in your heart, you can always find it at some point in your life” L.


“Even if you’re mean, there’s always a place inside of you deep, deep down where your heart is always kind” F.

In our Judaism learning this term, we will be looking at the promises God asked of people as told in the Bible.

We are getting rather wizzy at writing clean code. We are all aiming to get our coding certificates by the end of term. Have a go at home at



Here are a few maths challenges to get your teeth stuck into: Caterpillar Challenge, Tomato and Beanstalk Challenge.

Next Week

  • More Fantasy Story Writing
  • Cricket Session 2 on Tuesday
  • Art with Ms Domman
  • Measurement in Maths
  • Learning Street and Coding


We strive to promote a culture of listening at our school and this term have a whole-school focus for everyone to ‘talk with someone, even if it feels awful or small’. Children have Worry Boxes in their classes where they can leave a note if they would like to express a worry. In Assembly this week, we read the book ‘A Huge Bag of Worries’, which is a recommended read for families to enjoy and a talking point for children to express anything on their mind. In the story, the book teaches us that ‘worries hate the light of day’.

As important members of our community, we would appreciate if you could please read the NSPCC safeguarding guidance below: What to do if you are worried about a child.