Exploration and Adventure

September 27, 2019

We have had a super time being explorers across the curriculum this week.

In Maths, we have been exploring the ways that we can partition numbers under 10. We were also introduced to the terms ‘minuend’, ‘subtrahend’ and ‘difference’. We will be learning about this more later next week.

Have a look at the Maths sheets for the week: W3 Maths sheets

In English, we have been inspired by our ‘Journey’ book by Aaron Becker and have used this to practice writing captions using capital letters and full stops.

We have continued our spelling focus for the week: ‘tion’. Keep hunting for all of the ‘tion’ words you can spot at home.

In PE, we were lucky enough to have a tennis specialist come in and teach us different ball skills..

In Topic, we have been learning how to identify the different continents in the world. During our playful enquiry sessions, some of us enjoyed exploring the different continents using Google Earth. Some of us even found a place called ‘Columbo’ which we learned last week was ‘Columbus’ in Italian!

Next week:

  • Maths: Odd and even investigations, subtraction as difference.
  • English: Free Verse Poetry inspired by the book ‘Quiet!’ by Kate Alizadeh. We will be looking at how to use question marks and exclamation marks.
  • Topic: Focus on directions (N, S, E, W)


Cambridgeshire County Council, are having new Gritters delivered this Autumn. They are now asking Junior Travel Ambassador School pupils to NAME THE GRITTERS. They are looking for INNOVATION, IMAGINATION, and, of course HUMOUR!

The lucky winners will be invited to a naming ceremony at one of their depots in the county and will all receive a Road Safety Goodie Bag and a picture of their Gritter!

Please email your entry to maree.richards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk by Monday 14th October 2019. The subject line should read GRITTER COMPETITION  and you MUST give the name of the child, the name of the Gritter and school the child attends in the email.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Year 2 Team

Parent Workshop Slides

Year 1-2 Parent Maths Workshop: Supporting your young mathematician