Expert Visitors, Fair Testing, Building Houses, Bridges, Programming…ヾ( ̄0 ̄ )ノ

November 23, 2017

We owe a big thank you to Dr Jackson, an expert at the University in 17th Century British History, for coming and giving such a fabulous and informative talk to us about the Great Fire of London. We all learned lots of new interesting things and got to ask some of our own questions.

In Science, we learned about how to make a test fair:

Enquiring playfully, we designed and built Tudor houses…

Continued to be surprised by the strength of bridges…

.. We designed simple algorithms, problem-solving when things go wrong and in this game A.L.E.X, using language like ‘make a quarter-turn to the left’:

We also love playing this Fire of London game (Why not ask an adult to have a go with you at home):

Maths Challenge

Adding and Subtracting 2-digit numbers without re-grouping

Mathletics (login details are on the back of your Reading Record)


Practise the Year 2 tricky words with this Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check game.

Next Week

  • A new focus text about a curious woollen mammoth that will help us learn about instructions
  • Adding and subtracting with tens and ones
  • Science with fire
  • Special history / art morning on Thursday

Year 2, well done for all your courageous learning this week. Make time for snuggling with a good book and hot chocolate, and enjoy your long weekend with family and friends.