Driving the Eco-Bus!

March 23, 2018

It was quite chilly outside and the birds were looking hungry, so we decided to make some food for them…

We liked getting our hands messy and making our own fancy bird food recipes of lard, bird seed and raisins(!).

We saw maths in the outside world in learning about symmetry. We argued (politely!) whether things in nature were truly symmetrical and if so where the lines of symmetry were:

We enjoyed beginning to share our speeches and teach reception about how we need to look after our planet in a way that shows compassion to animals.

Our reception friends seemed to agree.

Here are some  shape practise sheets. In English, we just completed some powerful stories about rainforests in trouble and next week, we will look to publish these.

Well done to all of Year 2 for your brilliant efforts and the sunshine you are bringing to our school community every day.


This week we have reviewed which types of nouns need capital letters. Can you explain all of these to your parents?

Next Week

  • Forest School: Skylarks on Monday, Swifts on Tuesday
  • English Story Publishing and Free Write
  • New Stick Insect Investigation
  • Maths: Division
  • Drama Performance 2:30pm Tuesday 27th March
  • School closes 1:30pm on Thursday 29th March