Door of imagination

October 9, 2020

Year 2 have had a fantastic week. This week the children have loved exploring our topic Heroes in more depth and have been sharing their new learning with the class!

In English, we have been digging deep into our imaginations and using adjectives to describe a magical door and the mysterious world behind it.

In Topic, we were very excited to receive a letter from a scientist at the Cambridge Science Centre and we have replied back to them thanking them for all their help during the pandemic. 

In Maths, we have been working collaboratively to solve problems that make 10 and have begun to explore the commutative law by creating fact families.

In Art, we have got very messy while adding detail to our sculptures!

Attached are some sheets based on this week learning for your child to try if they wish. Commutative law , Rainbow to 10 and Describe the monster .


Next Week

In Topic, we will continue to explore different real life heroes and adding finishing touches to our sculptures. 

In English, we are going to be exploring expanded noun phrases and poetry.

Finally, in Maths, we will be adding three 1-digit numbers together with re-grouping. 

Please can all children remember to bring in a family photo if they have not already done so. The display boards are looking great!

Thank you for all your support and positivity this week!