Creative writing marathon

February 7, 2020

This week in English the children have been writing and publishing their own stories, inspired by the book The heart and the bottle by Oliver Jeffers. The children used a range of exciting adjectives and powerful sentence starters to bring their writing to life. They have shown great creativity and we are all very proud of their work.

Music and Art
Creativity has been at the heart of all learning this week and Inspired by the 60’s theme ‘All you need is love’ the children had an amazing surprise performance from two local musicians. We not only had the opportunity to listen to some great music but also to sing along to some of the songs we have been learning in class (The Yellow Submarine ).

Art this week has been equally as exciting. The children have created their own 60’s clothing inspired by the bright, vibrant colors and patterns of the 60’s. They have also experimented with using a range of different mediums.

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time, using a range of different types of clock. We are looking forward to learning about the properties of various 2D and 3D shapes next week.

Sp1 Time

Our weekly phonics this week has been about exploring the suffix ‘est’, how many ‘est ‘ words can you find at home over the weekend?

Next week: Family Friday and book week!