Celebrating the women in our worlds…

March 9, 2018

This week we had International Women’s Day and had a super discussion about equality…

“I believe women should have equal rights…”

“There are no such things as ‘boy’ games or ‘girls’ games…no such thing as a ‘man’ job or a ‘woman job…’

“Women can do anything!”

“In some places, women don’t have the same rights as men. We are lucky that here at this school, we are all treated the same…”

In English, we finished off our speeches on the ethics of zoos and deforestation and enjoyed presenting them to the class, focusing on appropriate volume, pace and intonation…

We also became eco-warriors this week! We worked in groups to brainstorm what we could do to help our school community become even more environmentally friendly. We came up with some super ideas…recycling efforts, fundraising for conservation charities and junk modelling out of litter to create new games to name a few. We then presented our ideas to the class…


We have been learning when to change -y to -ies (e.g. cry > cries, fly > flies) Keep practising at home!


This week we have been reviewing lots of different Maths skills that we have already covered this year. See link for spicy and extra spicy challenges!

W3 Maths Assessment

Next week

  • Forest School…Skylarks on MONDAY, Swifts on TUESDAY.
  • Animal poetry
  • Time and shape in Maths

Thanks Skylark and Swift families! We love learning with you!