Architects in the making…

November 17, 2017

This week, we became architects! We helped Traction Man consider which materials would be best for building his broken roof, testing out different materials to see how waterproof they were.


We also built some amazing bridges during our playful enquiry session, taking inspiration from some of London’s  bridges. We persevered, sometimes using trial and error, to ensure that our bridges were stable enough to hold weight.


In Maths we have been learning to partition 2 digit numbers, applying this into missing number equations. Using dienes, we used a systematic approach to ensure that we found all the possible ways to partition each number.

In English we have been writing letters to King Charles II, taking inspiration from the letters the crayons wrote to Duncan in ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’.


  • Maths Practice Sheets – A3 W2 Adding 2-digit numbers
  • Spellings – what are the rules for adding ‘ful’ and ‘ly’ to the end of words?
  • Can you write a letter at home, practising the correct layout of a letter?

Next week…

  • We are very excited to welcome to our school historian Dr Clare Jackson who specialises in seventeenth century Britain. She will be sharing her knowledge about The Great Fire of London with us.
  • We will be building tudor houses…please could you collect CARDBOARD BOXES/SHOE BOXES over the weekend and bring them in for Tuesday – thank you!
  • We also have the Fire Service joining us for something rather exciting. All to be revealed…
  • Remember – it is a staff inset day on Friday 24th November so children won’t be in school for this day.

Well done children for a super week. We hope you and your families have a very peaceful weekend.