Animal Poetry

October 16, 2020

Year 2 have had an amazing week and we have been impressed with their attitudes to learning.

In Topic, we have been using our imaginations to create our own superheroes! We designed their costume, super powers and sidekick! We then created a comic for our new superhero to star in, with a focus on including all the new exciting vocabulary we have been learning.

In English, we have been looking at the poem “Recipe to make a wolf” by Pie Corbett. Using this poem as inspiration, we created our own animal poetry. We ensured that out poems used exciting verbs and expanded noun phrases. As well as being the poets, we also got to be the illustrators and painted beautiful watercolour pictures of our animals. These will be up in our windows soon!

In Maths, we have been focusing on additions of three 1-digit numbers with regrouping. To help us with this, we have also been revisiting work on number bonds to 10.

In Art, we continued to work on the sculptures of our heroes. This week we got messy adding hair using strips of paper.

Attached are some sheets based on this week learning for your child to try if they wish: English Poem Week 7, Maths additions Sheet 2 Week 7, Maths additions Sheet Week 7.


Next Week:

In Topic we are going to explore the qualities of heroes further and link this to a series of PSHE lessons on kindness. We will also be exploring ideas of kindness in the bible.

In English, we are going to be reading the book “The day the crayons quit” by Drew Daywalt. We will be using this as inspiration to write a Thank you letter to Paramedics, following on from our visitor a few weeks ago.

In Maths, we will be focusing on subtraction with regrouping.

As well as this, next week, we are going to have a focus on healthy living and physical activity, as we all know how important this is for everyone’s wellbeing and growth. The inspiration came from the BMI can do it challenge, which we encourage you all to sign up to as individuals or as a family  The children will be taking part in different types of physical activity with their class: these include the friendship run competition throughout the week, yoga and a whole school virtual run. Children are invited to bring in pictures to share what they do at home to support their health and wellbeing; these will contribute to a whole school healthy living display. We hope you will join us in celebrating the value of physical activity.


Thank you for all support this week!