An Encyclopedia of Dragons

July 14, 2021

Year 2 have had a brilliant week! It was so lovely to speak to most of you during learning conversations, we are sure that you are as proud of your children as we are!

By popular demand we have continued to explore dragons in English this week. We have used the topic to focus on Non-chronological reports. We have been writing our own entries for a ‘Dragon Encyclopedia’, writing an information text about our very own dragons! We explored Appearance, Habitat, Diet and even write some brilliant ‘Fun Facts’.

In Maths we have began to explore measurement. We have been focusing on length and have been taking a hand on approach to increase our confidence with the new learning. We have been using cm, mm and meters to measure different objects and talking about estimation and the importance of using the appropriate unit.

In Topic we have continued to explore castles. We have been learning lots of technical vocabulary and have loved the opportunity to learn about some real life castles!


Next week (WC: 11/07/21)

English: we are going to continue to develop of Non-chronological writing skills. This time we are going to be writing an information report about ourselves to give to our new teachers!

Maths: we are continuing to look a measurement, but will be exploring weight. There are going to be lots of practical opportunities for the children to use scales and explore different units of measure.

Topic: we are continuing to look at castles and the reign of Richard II.