Amazing animals

February 28, 2020

Year 2’s learning this week:

We have had a fantastic start to our new Zoology topic. The children have loved finding out many wonderful facts about different animals across all areas of their learning! In English the children have been writing letters from the perspective of an endangered animal. They have managed to incorporate some fantastic emotive language. In Math’s the children have been developing their knowledge of division. They¬† have been applying their knowledge and understanding of this to tricky two part questions.

Topic has been full of questions this week! What are zoo’s? The children have been exploring the history of zoo’s. Finding out facts about why they exist. The children have then practiced some beautiful creative writing to share their own ideas and opinions about these. Can you discuss with your child the qualities of an ethical, sustainable and healthy zoo? Are all zoos like this around the world?

Division worksheets

Next weeks learning:

In our Maths learning next week we are introducing Fractions as a new concept, exploring parts of a whole. Can you find some examples of parts of a whole at home over the weekend? (My living room is a part of my house,  a wheel is a part of a car).

Have a great weekend!

Year 2 team