Amazing Animals

March 6, 2020

The children in Skylarks, Robins and Swifts have continued to impress the adults working with them this week. We would like to say a big thank you to all the children in Year 2 for their wonderful attitudes to learning throughout the week.

In English we have been very busy researching and writing about wild animals. There have been some real ‘awe and wonder’ moments as the children have discovered more about the animals that we share the planet with. We have been using our research to help us write non-chronological reports- ask your children if they can remember any of the key features of this genre. The children enjoyed applying the technical language they have learnt about animals in their writing and managed to remember features of our new genre.

In Maths we have been exploring fractions (halves and quarters). We began the week by learning about parts of the whole. Some examples suggested by the children included: if the car is the whole, a wheel is a part; if the bunch of flowers is the whole, one flower is a part and if the fox is the whole, the fur is a part. Can your children give you any other ideas? We then moved to understand that fractions have to be EQUAL parts and we used this knowledge to compare ‘parts’ and ‘fractions’. We were very impressed with the way that the children applied this new learning to finding halves and quarters of different 2D shapes.

Next week is STEM week throughout school, we are very excited about the learning that will happen next week! A big focus of the week is learning outdoors. With this in mind please can your children come to school with a weatherproof coat every day next week.

English- writing animal poetry- keep an eye out for the displays on the classroom windows!

Maths- continuing our learning about fractions.

Topic- exploring animal classification

Thank you for a brilliant week, have a super weekend!

The Year Two Team.