All You Need is Love

January 17, 2020

English – A Jar of Happiness
English this week has been amazing! The children have written and published their own poems and discussed all of the things that make them happy, focusing on subordination. We cannot wait to see what amazing writing is still to come!

Art – PatternsĀ 
The children have also worked super hard and have created some amazing pieces of artwork inspired by this term’s topic, “All You Need Is Love”!

Maths –This week in Maths we have been practicing our skills from last term. No Maths sheets this week but keep your eyes peeled for these next week.

Phonics – We have been focusing on adding the suffixes, -less and -ful. Can you find any words where -ful is added but -less isn’t?

Music – We also enjoyed a wonderful music session where we were listening to 60s music and created graphs to map how we felt as the songs progressed.

A quote from one of our Swifts: “When I listen to soft music I feel kind but when I listen to rock music I feel tough and powerful!”

Next week in English we will be helping a little girl solve a rather big problem…

In Maths we will be continuing with multiplication, focusing on the 10x and 3x times tables (please practice these at home).

Have a lovely weekend!