A week of creativity and lots of fun!

January 31, 2020

In English this week the children have been working incredibly hard to create their own special characters, inspired by the story The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers. There has been some incredible blurbs written by the children and beautiful drawings of their characters. Next week the children are looking forward to finishing their own stories. Will they solve the problem or will their powers be lost forever?

In Maths we have started to introduce division and have been able to explore our ideas and thinking using lots of journaling in our books. Next week in Maths we will be starting to look at time. Can you see if you can look at a clock and explore the different times of the day over the weekend?

Music and the Arts
Coming soon! The children have been exploring music, fashion and learning about life in the 60s. They have been working extremely hard to learn a range of songs and have designed some beautiful pieces of clothing to wear and sing within a performance to others within the school.

Snuggle with a story next week
Skylarks – Monday
Robins – Tuesday
Swifts – Wednesday

Please can any children within Robins or Swifts bring in a plain white vest, T-shirt or pillowcase on Monday if possible for an art activity next week. 



WOW Badge Design Competition 2020 – Wonders of the World

Get involved in one of the UK’s biggest design competitions. Simply draw any wonder of the world – natural or built by humankind – on the badge template here. 11 winning entries will be turned into more than 400,000 badges to be awarded to WOW pupils across the UK next year.

• 11 winning designs to feature on WOW badges in 2020-21.
• Up to £500 free WOW resources for 11 winning schools, plus 5 additional schools selected by prize draw.
• Trophies for winners and highly commended runners-up.
• Downloadable certificate for the school’s top badge designers!

• Be big, bold and colourful!
• WOW badges are only 3cm, so simple designs without people or small details in them work best!
• Trademarks, logos, images of Strider will not qualify for the competition.
• Winning designs will be digitally recreated, so pupils can use pencil, crayons or pens.

For full details about the WOW badge design competition, visit livingstreets.org.uk/badgecompetition2020. Please return printed entries to Miss Glenister in Fuji (year 5) by Friday 28th February 2020.