A letter to the Mayor

November 15, 2019

This week we were once again transported back in time to September 1666, we were residents of London who had awoken to the terrible sights and sounds of the fire. We did lots of active story telling and we were impressed with the empathy that the children showed in their responses. We investigated different types of letters, we found out which features a formal or an informal letter might have. Then we set about writing our letters to the Mayor- we have been impressed with the way the children wrote their letters!

In Maths we have been thinking about adding and subtracting tens to two digit numbers- we found the ones digit does not change- ask your children why this is. We continue to be pleased with the way that the children are journalling their mathematical thinking- this week we even annotated our work with our ideas- wow!

We have been thinking about some key landmarks in the United Kingdom and using our knowledge of the world to explain why a volcano picture might not be featured. We were astounded to hear children talking about the equator and tectonic plates in some of their explanations.

Next week-

We will continue to focus on letter writing, we will be escalating our concerns about the fire to someone more powerful than the Mayor.

English- formal letter writing, we will focus on powerful sentence openers.

Maths- adding 2 digit numbers.

Topic- we will have a Science focus- we will be thinking about the suitability of materials for different functions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year Two Team.