A class full of poets!

November 19, 2020

Year 2 have had a fantastic week (even if it has been short!).

In English, we have been using the book ‘The Dark’ to write our own poems. We have been describing darkness and using personification to bring our poems to life! The children have also been looking at adverbs and using these to make our poems even more interesting. We have some great poets in Year 2 and we cannot wait to see what they write next! Attached are some sheets on personification (Personification Sheets).

In Maths, we have continued adding 2-digit number with regrouping. We have been moving away from using physical resources and have been learning how to use the column method. The children are really progressing at this and I am sure they would love to show you how good their addition is getting. We have attached some for you to try (Addition sheets). We have also attached some Maths websites that your child can you to help with their learning (Maths Online Learning).

In Topic, we have been exploring different stereotypes and considering how these make us feel. The children enjoyed discussing the topic and had some interesting ideas, which they shared with the class.

In Science, we have continued to explore different materials and their properties. We had to put on our detective hats and find a suitable material to make an eye mask. Children had an array of materials to choose from and had to think of the different requirements needed. It was great to see so many children applying their new scientific vocabulary during the task. Keep it up Year 2!


Next Week

In English, we are going to be looking at writing instructions. For this, we will be learning about imperative verbs and recapping lists.

In Maths, we are going to be using the column method to focus on subtraction with 2 digit numbers.

In Science, we are going to continue exploring materials. We are going to focus on their physical properties as well as looking specifically at manmade and natural resources.

Thank you for a fantastic week Year 2. We cannot wait for another week of brilliant learning next week!