3…2…1…Lift Off!

February 2, 2018

This week has been Science week! In keeping with our sixties themed topic we have been learning all about rockets; from the history of The Space Race to the study of aerodynamics.

Our week launched off with an experiment involving Mentos and Diet Coke led by our Science leader Mrs Bullen-Smith…

We then designed and created our own series of rockets, focusing on each stage of a rockets flight, from lift off to landing…

Swifts found out about life in 1960s Singapore via a letter sent from two of our children’s Grandad- (thank you Grandad!)

and our Skylarks enjoyed crafting beautiful pop art and singing some classic Beatles tunes, including the sleep inducing melody of The Beatles ‘Golden Slumbers’…

Spelling Challenge

Can you go on a hunt for words ending in ‘al’? (e.g. medal)


Keep practising your 2, 3 and 5x tables!

Coming up next week…

  • It’s Shakespeare week!!! Come ready for your masked ball on Friday!
  • Family Friday – another chance to come and enjoy your child’s learning from this half term (8.30-9.15). We look forward to welcoming you again.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!