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School’s (nearly) out for summer!

Year 2. Our last blog post of the year. What an honour it has been to teach you. We have LOVED learning with you, getting to know you, growing with you and having lots of fun! It has been amazing. We have had a wonderful week celebrating together. Our trip to Thetford Forest on Monday … Continued

Islam, Empathy, Archery, Our Bodies, Algebra… Busy week!

A huge thank you to our Year 2 parent who came to teach us lots of rich knowledge about the Islamic faith. It was fascinating to hear new facts that built on what we have been learning about in class: We’ve been having our special PSHE week and talking lots about whether there actually are … Continued

If you want to go far, go together…

The teamwork that has taken place over this week has been AMAZING. In English, we have been writing and performing poems about teamwork. Some of us have even attempted to put the poem to this piece of music… In Maths we have been solving all-possibility problems… In topic the teamwork hasn’t stopped. Look at … Continued

A mural of the future

This week we started an historic art lesson that will form part of a large mural on our dining wall. We got to it… We look forward to seeing the next part. Our teamwork efforts are paying off and we’re now scoring more 2’s… In our groups, we’ve decided to make news films to inform … Continued

Sweet Summer

We have enjoyed a very sweet start to the summer as we have learned more about sugar; its history, sugar around the world and the affect that sugar has on our bodies. We have been publishing information booklets sharing our learning. We took a Sugar quiz and surprised ourselves by how much we have learned. Parents and … Continued

Sugar Learning Addicts

We seem to have become sugar experts in Year 2 (if we do say so ourselves!). We know how sugar travels through the body: …the history of sugar: …how much sugar there is in soft drinks: And how so many people eat way too much every day. Just one can of fizzy drink, and we’ve … Continued

Teamwork makes the dream work…

Welcome back everyone! This week has been jam-packed full of lots of super learning. In Maths we have been solving very important problems…what on earth should Mr Beattie wear at the weekend?! Fancy hat…star shaped sunnies? We created codes for each item of clothing and worked on systematic ways of finding all the possibilities for him… … Continued

Robot Learning Quests

We teamed up this week to design a robot that would do good in the world. We agreed and put our ideas together. There were some impressive designs with real purpose in mind. And after having designed our fantasy worlds last week, we tried to programme our trusty Sphero robot through the perils of the … Continued

Getting Creative…

We’ve been getting creative this week! In English we created a quest for our Sphero robots to go on, imagining they were the protagonist in our fantasy story. We designed and made the course and then wrote a set of instructions detailing how to successfully navigate through the many perils and dangers… We had a … Continued

Rise of the Robots

We had two very special robot expert guests this week… Mr Monti, who works on the Amazon Alexa team, who came to teach us some of the inner workings of robots, and then Mr Fletcher from Cambridge Consultants, who visited us to share a rather amazing drone that he’s made: We also built on our … Continued

Quests to Fantastical Lands…

We have had a wonderful time this week immersing ourselves in fantasy worlds. We created quests to magical lands… …and have begun to write our fantasy stories, introducing our protagonist and describing their discovery of a portal and the land that lies behind. Look at this golden introduction… We have enjoyed our playful enquiry sessions … Continued

Fantasy Stories, Coding and The Promise

It looked like an ordinary tunnel. But when we entered the magic portal… A fantastical world appeared before us… You wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw what was inside…   In RE this week, we read The Promise by Nicola Davies. A promise is made that changes the life of someone who has made … Continued

Clever Coding

This week has been short but sweet! We have enjoyed creating and debugging using simple algorithms on ‘Hour of Code’ – We enjoyed another ‘Big Write’ session, writing a short story about a futuristic world… …and we loved having a picnic together as a school enjoying the glorious sunshine! What a lovely way to end the … Continued

Driving the Eco-Bus!

It was quite chilly outside and the birds were looking hungry, so we decided to make some food for them… We liked getting our hands messy and making our own fancy bird food recipes of lard, bird seed and raisins(!). We saw maths in the outside world in learning about symmetry. We argued (politely!) whether … Continued

UCPS Eco-Warriors

Our environment is a precious place. We’ve been thinking about how we can best look after it. We’ve started Eco-Warrior projects like making habitats for animals in the forest, promoting classrooms to be more environmentally friendly and making our outside spaces more bird-friendly. Next week, we would like to make bird feeders – please would … Continued

Celebrating the women in our worlds…

This week we had International Women’s Day and had a super discussion about equality… “I believe women should have equal rights…” “There are no such things as ‘boy’ games or ‘girls’ games…no such thing as a ‘man’ job or a ‘woman job…’ “Women can do anything!” “In some places, women don’t have the same rights … Continued

Forest School, Stick Insects and Book Day

We had a snowy forest school this week.. When we start, we take a little time for the nature to get used to us.. This week we made a home for an animal and talked about our design choices. A special visitor Dr Gillis came to start our new Science Stick Insect Project with the … Continued

Zoos: The Great Debate

To kick off our new topic, ‘Animals, Growing and Conservation’ we have had some fantastic discussions about the ethics of zoos. Based on Anthony Browne’s book ‘Zoo’, we have been exploring the pros and cons for zoos, particularly from the perspective of animals. We role-played what it would feel like for animals to have crowds … Continued

Special BLOG: Keep your child safe online

This is a special BLOG to give you guidance about how to keep your child safe online. The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe? It’s … Continued

Shakespeare, Potions and the Masked Ball

The Montagues and Capulets were arguing again this week, with their fury and resentment on full show… At the Capulets residence, the masked ball was going so well… “The chandeliers glistened wonderfully. The people smiled as they danced on the patterned floor. Different coloured ballgowns swirled before the seated guests’ eyes…” (P) Until… well you … Continued

3…2…1…Lift Off!

This week has been Science week! In keeping with our sixties themed topic we have been learning all about rockets; from the history of The Space Race to the study of aerodynamics. Our week launched off with an experiment involving Mentos and Diet Coke led by our Science leader Mrs Bullen-Smith… We then designed and … Continued

Sixties Art, Mysterious Creatures and Keeping Safe Online

As part of our art and design learning, we have been stitching some sixties artwork with Mrs Stanley: Another rather amazing sixties artefact landed this week – a personal letter from John F. Kennedy to a family member of one of our year 2 pupils..! To learn about how to write non-chronological reports in English, … Continued

Picasso, Passover and Moral Dilemmas…

It’s been a jam-packed week of learning! We have really enjoyed exploring the book ‘Alexander the Great Dane’ by Chris Capstick about some over-sized Egyptian cats who make dogs their slaves. In revenge, the dogs create an escape plan to overthrow the rule of the cats. We enjoyed some role play… …especially practising using words … Continued

Love and Happiness

What’s in happiness? What makes us joyful? We think these are important things to know. We put these treasured things in our jars and then used them to help us write poems. An amazing picture appeared this week of one of our year 2’s grandfather reading the newspaper the day after the first moon landing. … Continued

The Jar of Happiness

Welcome back and a very happy new year to all of our Skylark and Swift families. To kick off our week we looked at a lovely book called ‘The Jar of Happiness’ about a girl called Meg who collects in a jar all the things that make her happy. However, one day the jar went … Continued

The curious case of the missing rabbit…

The hard work hasn’t stopped yet!! We have been superb authors this week, drafting, editing and publishing our letter to Bear about his stolen hat and the missing rabbit… In Maths we have had lots of fun, stretching our brains through different games and puzzles. We have been so impressed by the perseverance of some … Continued

Rehearsing for Christmas

What is the meaning of Christmas? These last few weeks, we have been thinking about this, asking our own questions that think about others, and learning the Story of the Nativity. We look forward to seeing Reception classes performance next week. We have also been in full swing of rehearsals for our Festival of Lights … Continued

Deep Thinking…

We have had a brain stretching week in Year 2! In English we began our new unit on ‘Instructions’ with a Philosophy for Children (P4C) session discussing ‘What would life be like if we didn’t have any instructions?’ Answers ranged from ‘we’d be able to do whatever we’d like’ to ‘there would be chaos…maybe even … Continued

Expert Visitors, Fair Testing, Building Houses, Bridges, Programming…ヾ( ̄0 ̄ )ノ

We owe a big thank you to Dr Jackson, an expert at the University in 17th Century British History, for coming and giving such a fabulous and informative talk to us about the Great Fire of London. We all learned lots of new interesting things and got to ask some of our own questions. In … Continued

Architects in the making…

This week, we became architects! We helped Traction Man consider which materials would be best for building his broken roof, testing out different materials to see how waterproof they were.    We also built some amazing bridges during our playful enquiry session, taking inspiration from some of London’s  bridges. We persevered, sometimes using trial and … Continued

Thomas Farriner, Secrets and Lies

This week, police officers came to interview Thomas Farriner. He pleaded his innocence and suspiciously claimed it was foreigners that had started the Great Fire. The bakery somehow kept on baking… And selling their irresistibly freshly baked goods… Others tried to re-build the great city of London; one house at a time… In maths, we … Continued

Who done it?!

To kick off our ‘Fire Fire!’ topic, we travelled back in time and  became detectives in a quest to find out who was really to blame for the Great Fire of London… Was it the rather guilty looking baker, Thomas Farriner? A foreign suspect? King Charles II?! Under the stern direction of Samuel Pepys (stage … Continued

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

We loved showing our learning to all the Swifts and Skylarks parents on this last day of the first half-term. We’ve come so far already… To wrap up our learning on our Adventurers Topic, this week we had a group quiz to review and reflect on what we have learned. We enjoyed observing closely and … Continued

Up, up, up and away…

During book week, we have been writing adventure stories based on The Red Book, a picture book with a twist by Barbara Lehman. We used this picture from the book as a stimulus to write what happened next. The children have worked particularly hard on editing and improving their writing and are proud of their … Continued

Lost and Found

This week, we met one of our Year 2 learning goals of navigating using simple compass directions. We made huge chalk maps outside and directed our friends on adventures across wild seas: We continued to enquire playfully into our topic Adventurers and Explorers. We had a chance to be in a group we hadn’t before, … Continued

Ssssh! Listen, what’s that noise?

It’s been another wonderful week of learning in Year 2! We have been putting our LAMDA skills into practice during English where we performed ‘Quiet’ – a free verse poem about the many sounds that can be heard in a household during a single day! Inspired by this, we used the sounds and sights of … Continued

A Journey into Magic Lands

Inspired by ‘The Journey’ we created our own magical worlds to help us learn how to write captions. We enjoyed an afternoon of playful learning based on our Adventurers and Explorers topic. We used our map skills to explore lands afar… …constructed unsinkable boats… … and other exciting learning like designing unbelievably realistic coins and … Continued

Exploring and Adventuring

This week, we started learning about our new topic Adventures and Explorers. We began learning about the life of Christopher Columbus through acting together his adventures. Though we quickly started to think that they actually sounded a lot more like misadventures. In English, we read a book with no words! So we had to think … Continued

Welcome to Year 2!

It has been wonderful to welcome and be with all our fresh-faced Swifts and Skylarks to Year 2 this week. This week we learned about learning – how can we be brilliant learners? Like… how do we practise in a way that is deliberate, where we improve a little each time: How can we learn … Continued