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Super Summer Learning Challenge

Have a wonderful and well-deserved summer break Skylarks. We hope you have lots of fun, play and family time. While you’re waiting for dinner, or have ten minutes free here and there, use these times to keep all your fantastic learning from year 2 on the boil. Humans can forget things when they don’t keep … Continued

Basketball Tournament Invitation

Have you seen the official leaflets? On Tuesday 18th July at 2pm, Skylarks will hold a mini basketball tournament to celebrate their topic learning on teamwork. Our daily singing seems to be really paying off.. We can still sing in a witch voice, but now we can also sing using our angel voices! Maths this … Continued

Basketball, Maps and Multiplication

Our basketball skills are coming on. Leonie came to give us another coaching session and we’re improving at our chest passes, no-look dribbling, shooting ball grip, and playing as a team. It’s exciting stuff playing mini basketball games in our teams, so we also experience lots of emotions in the games, like joy, disappointment, frustration … Continued

On the Bus

This week, we re-enacted the Off to Market story and so had to get on the bus… Until the bus was so full, it wouldn’t go any longer. Our hero Keb, volunteered to get off and push the bus, helping others before himself. We learned about description through writing about the values Keb taught us … Continued

Basketball and Measuring Team Work

We made a new friend this week. The University Women’s Captain Leonie de Jonge and Luxembourg national team player, came to coach us in basketball. First we asked her some questions… Like… how did you get interested in basketball? Leonie: I like that it’s a team game. You always have your friends around you. What … Continued

Monsters, Rubbish and Authoring

We made up some really cool monsters this week… To practise writing descriptions, we wrote profiles about our monsters, painting pictures with our words. We had some amazing descriptions: “The dragon’s roar vibrates the ground” Z. “When you stare into the burning red eyes of the dragon, you get hypnotized” H. “When her scales stick up, … Continued

Celebrating, Goodbyes and Mad Science

We loved showing off to our parents this morning to celebrate our learning with them and think about what our next steps are: Today, we had to say an emotional goodbye to one of our wonderful teachers Ms Williamson – we are very grateful to her for all she has done for us. We will miss … Continued

Book-worming, artscaping and dancing

We just can’t get enough of this book. Skylarks love the clever and witty humour Viviane Schwarz uses – we thought we might try and steal some ideas for our own writing. We’re enjoying our dance in PE – team work and cooperation is helping our routines come together. And we had our second Artscaping … Continued

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The courtroom was set: the witnesses waited nervously in the wings, the magistrate sat expectantly at the front and the eager solicitors were ready to present their cases. In an early dramatic turn, one of the first witnesses claimed she had actually seen Ms Smith eat the cake. The courtroom gasped!   QC, defence lawyer, came … Continued

Suspects, Prosecution and Singing

We’re very grateful to receive an amazing package from a solicitor to prepare for our big court case that will be held next week. We had a big decision to make about who we would seek prosecution.. It is with regret that Skylarks have overwhelmingly decided to bring Ms Smith to court… A few Skylarkees … Continued

Preparations for Court

We had a video message from Mr Biddulph this week asking us what exactly we had been doing about solving the cake theft mystery. He said he wanted a report on his desk ASAP. We performed some video messages back to Mr B: and focussed our oracy skills of keeping eye contact, varying the tone of our voice, … Continued

The Great Cake Snuffler Mystery

You may have heard Mr Biddulph submitted his PhD just before Easter. We wanted to say congratulations… so we bought him a cake to celebrate. You’ll be shocked to know what happened next though… Somebody ate it before we could give it to him… I know..! There was only one thing for it. Skylarks discussed … Continued

To infinity and beyond…

For infinity maths day, we were very glad to welcome a special visitor from the University to help us explore the idea of infinity through creating our own Sierpinsky triangles. As a school, we tried to make an infinite number of number blocks, but unfortunately, we only managed a few thousand… There were plenty of other fun … Continued

Would you rather…? (Ask a Skylark for more information..!)

Would you rather…?  (Ask a Skylark for more information..!) To deepen our knowledge of the George and the Dragon story, we made some 3D story maps and puppets, which helped us to write our ideas down and remember the events and scenes: In Maths, Skylarks have been doing amazingly well with the tricky topic of fractions. … Continued

Fractions, Collage and the Dragon

While looking at this painting, Skylarks created and chose the philosophical question: why is he killing the dragon?   “I think the knight is attacking the dragon because it is trying to save the little girl behind the horse (A).” “I’ve made a connection. It’s like George and the Dragon, where the Dragon is trying to … Continued

Illustrating with Inspiration

Warning: there may be an unusual amount of inspired doodling going on Skylarks households this weekend. On Monday, Alexis Deacon came to spend time with us. It was fascinating the way he read his own stories and he showed us how to draw interesting illustrations… And gave us a chance to have a go ourselves… It was … Continued

Skylarks Book Week 2017

You’ve heard of the book ‘I am Henry Finch’, but have you seen the other books in the series..? We can’t wait to show them to our visiting Alexis Deacon, who is coming to do a workshop with us on Monday. This week, we loved making these books, and we enjoyed… well, reading! ..By ourselves: … Continued

Diversity, Geometry and The Last Supper

On Monday, we celebrated Diversity Day and after reading a really interesting and funny book, we had some interesting questions like : ‘Who is a parent – the adult who makes the baby or the adult who brings up the child?’ “The real daddy is the man who brings you up. The dad’s job is to tell … Continued

Being Safe Online

Is it ok to type your real name in when online? What about your full name? Always, sometimes or never? For Safer Internet Day this week, we learned that actually decisions like these are really important. Just like our footsteps leave a mark in the mud, we also leave a footprint digitally when we post … Continued

A Visit to the Zoo

This week, we planned a visit to the zoo. We had our questions ready, wellies and coats zipped up.. Some friends were waiting for us:   We got a chance to meet some of our friends a bit closer up, and even touch them. Some of these animals were ex-pets that people could no longer … Continued

Public Disorder: Zoo Protest

We found this animal in our school zoo. Some of us thought it looked a bit lonely. What must it feel like to have lots of people looking in at you and banging on the window? By Thursday, there were protests erupting about the zoo in our school.. Thanks to the police, the protesters and equally … Continued

Shakespeare Week

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a complicated story… involving magic: People being controlled… Weddings… And Love… even for Nick Bottom! This week, we had special workshops, making magical potions:   Cooking Shakespearean Tudor Pears: Creating magical trees and forests… And making our own A Midsummer Night’s Dream books: Your creative learning this week has been joyful to … Continued

Super Happy Magic New Term

We are all doomed! That evil Slug is onto us… He really is quite rude (and unreasonable…): Dear Blossom just made one small mistake.. Can you re-tell the story so far to someone at home?  In Maths we’ve been seeing repeated addition as multiplication through singing: And learning the maths words ‘the multiplicand’ (size of each group), and the … Continued

Fond Farewells and Happy Christmas

Oh one of our wonderful Skylarks is leaving us… Although we know they will do so well and so do not need to worry, we will miss them so much! We also decided to write something for our amazing school chefs. We feel heaps of gratitude to them for all the delicious food they make for … Continued

Skylarks Flying High

As we come to the end of our first term, Skylarks teachers are really feeling very proud of their class and about how everyone has done so far. Because of their great efforts, curious minds, enthusiasm and sense of humour, Skylarks children have definitely been showing ‘courageous learning’… In their writing…    Maths Skills.. ‘Thinking hard’ … Continued

A Mystery Package

Don’t you just love receiving packages?! What could it be..? Aha! Ten Novalia touch-sensitive paper with computer chips for us to record our stories on. Exciting..! We set to it…. Writing our scripts for the sculptures… Recording our sentences onto the iPads: And with a little perseverance and tech support, all groups now have their recordings saved in the … Continued

The Hearts of Circus Children

We learn all kinds of mindfulness in year 2… Like mindful sitting… Mindful walking… Total relaxation mindfulness… (hot) Mindful handwriting… Mindful drawing… (spicy) And even, being-mindful-when-someone’s-really-distracting-you mindfulness…(extra spicy) This week, we embarked on an exciting new project around our precious ‘Heart of a Child’ sculptures. The children are from the six continents of the planet. No … Continued

Human Pyramids, Circus Intervals and Our Opinions

Whilst we were reading the book Circus by Peter Spier’s, we noticed that some of the animals at the circus were being kept in cages. We started to look at the arguments around this: Circus animals are happy at the circus and amazingly skilled? Or… The animals are being kept in cruel conditions and are being made … Continued

Talking it out, painting around and counting down

How do you tell someone if they upset you? Skylarks know that we can talk things out. We learned of a story where a girl was never included properly by her friends. She started to feel depressed and was worried that there was something wrong with her. We imagined and acted what it would be like … Continued

The wonderous… the fantastical… the truly amazing… Skylarks Circus..!

Roll up…! Roll up…!! The Skylarks Circus has arrived in town!!! Well, they’ve started getting ready anyway! To launch our new topic Under the Big Top, a skilled circus performer came to train us in the ways of the circus. We spent the first day back learning the basics of acts like juggling, tightrope walking, … Continued

Musical Maths and Amazing Home Learning Adventures

We loved mashing-up music and maths on musical maths day this week. Through the day, we visited different workshops like mathematical dance with Mr Biddulph, a percussion session with a musician, digital music making and composing our own music in our classroom. When we got the chance, we got comfortable, had a lie down and watched  some … Continued

Penguins, Fish and Treasure Maps

This week Oliver Jeffers taught us the instructions of how to draw a penguin. So we followed them, and with a bit of deliberate practise, ours are getting better all the time… Our challenge then was to remember and write the instructions down. We thought our instructions were pretty clear… until we tried giving the instructions to our partners … Continued

Adventuring to far away places

We sent our adventure stories on an adventure this week. Up, down, up and away they went over the roof of our school and we became very excited. Where would they go? Who would find them? Will they write back? For our topic learning in geography, we learned about drawing a map… of Antartica, where our … Continued

Thinking and talking and thinking again

This week, we thought about then acted out how Columbus’ men treated the native islanders, making them slaves and taking over their land. Columbus said he needed slaves, but he was confused about what was a ‘need’ and a ‘want’? Skylarks made some very passionate speeches to Columbus to tell him what was what. We agreed that some things … Continued

Columbus’ Misguided Adventure

Did Columbus really discover America? What kind of man was he? Why was he arrested? These were some of the questions we looked at this week in our topic learning about the famous adventurer. To understand better what sort of life and  diet his sailors would have had, we made one of their staple foods ships … Continued

Adventures Beginning

To wish Eid Mubarak to two special Skylarks this week, we made cards and learned about how Eid-Ul-Adha is celebrated by Muslims all around the world. And we started a lego writing project, creating some gripping adventure stories. We had to share our ideas, decide and agree on a plot so it was a perfect opportunity for … Continued

Welcome New Skylarks!

What a pleasure it was to open the doors this week to some eager new Skylarks, and begin on our learning journeys together. We played games as a class to spend time, smile and laugh together. And we used our time to learn about something very important: learning! We thought to about some key questions about learning … Continued