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Sports Day, Comics and Pollination

On Monday was our sports day. As well as trying our best in our team events, in the morning we played inclusive lacrosse, blindfolded football, aiming games, and we guided our friends for a kilometre around the school. We developed empathy about what it is like for others playing sports. Our guest John Willis was … Continued

Tea parties, Conferences and Olympians

To celebrate our learning that came about through Blue Sky Week, we had a very busy Wednesday this week getting ready to greet our grandparent and family friends for our afternoon tea. Preparing the scones for the afternoon tea with grandparents, we practised lots of maths, like measuring the ingredients, fractions in dividing up the food … Continued

Blue Sky Week

For Blue Sky Week, we were inspired by the art of an incredible painter called Alfred Wallis. We were lucky enough to have some of his art work in our school. We looked at them… and looked some more… and then we thought and talked and talked. We found out that Alfred Wallis only started to paint … Continued

Sugar, Fair Trade and Drumming

We heard that sugary drinks can have a really bad impact on our health. But how much sugar really is in the drinks we can buy in the shop? We practised our measuring and estimation skills to find out:      …we had a bit of a shock. In a bottle of coke, we found that … Continued

Abebe Bikila: Olympic Hero

Ethiopian Olympian Abebe Bikila found himself about to run the 1960 Rome Olympics marathon race without the right sized running shoes, and so decided to run the race bare foot. Winning the gold medal that day, he showed us the value of persevering. He inspired us to keep going in the face of a challenge: Write a song around the … Continued

A Mystery Letter, Perseverance and We ♥ Science

Amazing News! We had a mysterious, large envelope arrive in our class today. So we opened it… And found this wonderful letter from Daisy Hirst, replying to the book reviews we sent her. She even sent us a copy of her new book The Girl with the Parrot on her Head (which we started reading straight away!). … Continued

Aargh! Pirates!

Strangely, a lot of pirates and explorers were knocking around the school this week. The pirates’ swordsmanship was quite impressive: And to play their pirate games… They also made us cook ships biscuits – quite disgusting! So hard and salty (and with a horrible chocolate filling). They had to be soaked in water for hours before we … Continued

We Are All Under One Sky

We are really grateful to the artists and University staff that came to help us today start our new art project. We have been exploring and creating drawings and paintings based on the photographs of the sky that line the inner circular roof of the building. These were created by an artist Ruth Proctor, and she joined in our session … Continued

Haikus and Tales from Columbus

We performed Haikus this week. They really made us think: What did the pond, the frog and the water sound represent? One of us thought maybe it spoke of war disrupting the peace of a land. War sends out ripples into the country for a long time after it comes. We were inspired to write our own … Continued

Flowers, Inventions and Team Work

After planting our seeds, our first potted plant has popped out into the world! We are making sure to water our first batch every morning so that they flourish and we can plant them into the allotment beds as soon as possible. We were learning this week about what makes an experiment a ‘fair’ test. … Continued

Dot Maths Day, Explorers and Symmetry

Making connections between Maths and Music, we loved using this online app to create our own repeating musical patterns. We began to see Maths in the notes played, particularly times tables so we used it to help us practise counting. Using dots as notes, we went to the music room to create some of our own … Continued


Your boat’s crashed, you’re stranded in the sea near a deserted island and you need a plan. What would you choose: something to make fire with, something to wear on your feet, or something to eat? Can you tell your parents which one the survivor expert recommended to us and why? Writing instructions for how to survive, we thought … Continued

Ocean adventures and chocolate choices

On Fridays, we have ‘total relaxation’ mindfulness – it is our favourite type of being mindful! It helps us look after ourselves after a busy week: We are very excited about our new topic – Skylarks: Ocean Explorers. We’ve started to design our shipwrecked boat which crashed in search of the mysterious island Atlantis. Washed … Continued

Happy Easter!

Thank you very much to our brilliant parents for bringing in all those delicious cakes and biscuits and in the process and raising so much money for our school. And today, we loved doing the Easter hunt in our special bonnets. There was a lot of talk about Skylarks’ wonderful writing this week. We included lots … Continued

Microscopy, wholes, parts and funny grammar

Thank you very much to our parent visitor who brought us some really advanced microscopes for us to think about what things are like really close up. We had some interesting questions to think about like:  ‘why might we want to see things really close up?’, ‘what is the smallest thing?’, and ‘can we see … Continued

Curious creatures, litter picking and Little Red Riding Hood

Our unique and curious creatures are coming to life. We learned about mixing a palette of colours and creating our animal’s design from these in our Art lesson this week.   Later in the week, we thought about where in a food chain our animals will be – which predators will they need to watch … Continued

Protests, Art and Loving Books!

A large surprise protest erupted at the zoo this week…! Luckily, the police turned up and interviewed all involved…   It turned out that the protestors were trying to close down the zoo, but the zookeepers insisted that the zoo was in fact a wonderful place for the animals to live in where they were … Continued

Scratch, Zoo and Time

We love Scratch Jr.! This week, we learned how to create and debug simple algorithms. By creating a few characters, we started to make our stories as a group. Now we know how to get the characters to interact, there are all kinds of possibilities ahead. You can download Scratch Jr. for free on iOS or … Continued

Shakespeare Week

A turbulent storm, a ship crew in danger, greed for power and magic in the air. We went on an adventure this week through living the story of the Tempest. We enjoyed acting out the story with Mr Biddulph and creating a dance. We told the story through our bodies and movement: In the afternoons, we built a boat, … Continued

Farewells, Film-making and Fibonacci

It is with gratitude that we say goodbye to our delightful chicks for brightening our lives and learning over the last few weeks. We have been making films about chicks, full of facts and expert camera-work. We had to research lots of information about chickens and practise our lines. A few takes and scene changes later, our films … Continued

New Arrivals!

There’s been a lot of excitement this week welcoming some very special new arrivals. We wrote about how our chicks were growing and used similes to describe how soft, fluffy and cute they are! Thank you for continuing to bring in collage materials for our art project – we began the first stages this week. We loved moving … Continued

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all from the Skylarks! This week, with the help of Mrs Bray, we learned to tell the story of the Little Red Hen using Makaton. Here we are acting it out: We went on to innovate our own versions. In one of our adapted stories, the Little Red Hen became a … Continued