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Super Summer Learning Challenge

Have a wonderful and well-deserved summer break Skylarks. We hope you have lots of fun, play and family time. While you’re waiting for dinner, or have ten minutes free here and there, use these times to keep all your fantastic …

Basketball Tournament Invitation

Have you seen the official leaflets?


On Tuesday 18th July at 2pm, Skylarks will hold a mini basketball tournament to celebrate their topic learning on teamwork.


Our daily singing seems to be really paying off.. We can still sing in …

Basketball, Maps and Multiplication

Our basketball skills are coming on. Leonie came to give us another coaching session and we’re improving at our chest passes, no-look dribbling, shooting ball grip, and playing as a team. It’s exciting stuff playing mini basketball games in our …

On the Bus

This week, we re-enacted the Off to Market story and so had to get on the bus…


Until the bus was so full, it wouldn’t go any longer. Our hero Keb, volunteered to get off and push the bus, helping …

Basketball and Measuring Team Work

We made a new friend this week. The University Women’s Captain Leonie de Jonge and Luxembourg national team player, came to coach us in basketball. First we asked her some questions…


Like… how did you get interested in basketball?

Leonie: …

Monsters, Rubbish and Authoring

We made up some really cool monsters this week…


To practise writing descriptions, we wrote profiles about our monsters, painting pictures with our words. We had some amazing descriptions:

“The dragon’s roar vibrates the ground” Z.

“When you stare into …

Celebrating, Goodbyes and Mad Science

We loved showing off to our parents this morning to celebrate our learning with them and think about what our next steps are:


Today, we had to say an emotional goodbye to one of our wonderful teachers Ms Williamson – …

Book-worming, artscaping and dancing

We just can’t get enough of this book. Skylarks love the clever and witty humour Viviane Schwarz uses – we thought we might try and steal some ideas for our own writing.


We’re enjoying our dance in PE – team …

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The courtroom was set: the witnesses waited nervously in the wings, the magistrate sat expectantly at the front and the eager solicitors were ready to present their cases.


In an early dramatic turn, one of the first witnesses claimed she …

Suspects, Prosecution and Singing

We’re very grateful to receive an amazing package from a solicitor to prepare for our big court case that will be held next week.


We had a big decision to make about who we would seek prosecution..

It is with …